Mana Hishikawa

Personal Data

Name Mana Hishikawa (菱川マナ; Hishikawa Mana)
Age (All Star Consellation) 15
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Japan
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Unknown
Affiliation Dear Princess
Animal Coach Chiffon
Theme Color White
Romantic Interest None
Anime Debut (All Star Consellation)

Episode 1


Family Members

Kyoraku Hishikawa (Father)

Kyoko Hishikawa (Mother) Seiji Hishikawa (Older Brother)

Japanese Mikako Komatsu
Mana Gallery

Mana Hishikawa (菱川マナ Hishikawa Mana?) is one of main character from Pretty Rhythm : All Star Consellation. She seems along with Inori Hoshimiya,She loves Cat.


She have a long white-silver hair and she put a black cat clip on her hair.


She is have a cool and friendly personality, she know more about Prism Show, Prism Jump, Prism Live, and Prism Consellation. She good at dance.


Image SongsEdit

Moon Attacks

Prism JumpEdit

1) Cool Splash (Episode 2,3)

2) Shiny Star Fantasia (Episode 2 with Inori)

3) Fun-Fun Diamond Dive (Epispde 3)

4) Diamond Shower (Episode 3)


Hishikawa (菱川?): - Hishi (菱) means "a diamond shape", while kawa (川) means "river".

Mana (マナ?): Mana (愛) means "love". It might refer to her loving nature.


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