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It's time to you be a Prism Star! Create your fan series of Pretty Rhythm And Have Fun!!

What Is Pretty Rhythm?Edit

Pretty Rhythm is an arcade game created by Takara Tomy and Shin Sophia, originally called "Pretty Rhythm Mini Skirt" for the arcade game. From its popularity, it spawned a TV anime, "Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream", a sequel "Pretty Rhythm" Dear my Future" and the new series "Pretty Rhythm : Rainbow Live". The anime is made up 2/4 of animation, 1/4 of 3D dancing and singing while the girls are doing a "Prism Show", while the other section has a live-action segment where young girls learn how to become "Prism Stars" by coordinating fashion and learning dance routines.

Series & TeamsEdit

Pretty Rhythm Universe Fantasia Infinity  QueenZ  Brighting
Pretty Rhythm Heart-Pounding lovelyHeart PretyGirl
Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Generation Airimi Senaharu Kira☆Pika
Pretty Rhythm New Stage! Stars Mizu MaSaRe

Pretty Rhythm Sacred Secret

Cashmere♫Notes NOVARainbow♠Spades

Pretty Rhythm Pheonix Wish ZAKURA
Pretty Rhythm Stars Reborn Pretty☆Prisms Prism Roses
Pretty Rhythm Prism Starlight

The Starlights☆ Top☆Stars

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Road Pretty Prisms Prism Roses DREAM
Pretty Rhythm Idol Live Prism Stone
Pretty Rhythm New Stage! STARs Colorful Sky
Pretty Rhythm Ice Spectacular! Symphony
Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Notes Sharp# Jewel* Crown+
Pretty Rhythm Princess Remake
Pretty Rhythm Prism Start! Prism Road Macaroon Trycolor
Pretty Rhythm: All Star Constellation   
Lets Pretty Rhythm!
Pretty Rhythm Perfect☆Star
Pretty Rhythm: Eternal Star
Pretty Rhythm: Race To Rio Rainbow Warriors (main), Skyfire
Pretty Rhythm: Royal Muse VENUS

Latest activityEdit

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