A collection of Prism Stones. Like the Prism Queen Series series you have to get the clothing you need and enough points to enter the Twinkle Star Grand Prix by entering tournaments and also doing things like Prism Hunt and like the Symphonia Series is a collection of Prism Stones considered legendary designed by Uta Fuji (known as a Legendary Designer). Items form this collection are necessary to perform Heartful Luminous and the designs of this collection are very powerful and depending on the motives of the designer it can cloud the wearer's mind.

Luminous Prism StoneEdit

Dress of Flora - a orange flowery dress with a big light orange chest bow with a gold sunflower on middle and 3 buttons down the front. Pinned to the corner is ginkgo leaf. It comes with yellow gloves that have a sparkling red bow on them.

Dress of Nature - At the corner of the skirt is a big slit in the skirt, where a viridian green, layered skirt. It's clipped with a silver oak leaf.

Dress of Stars

Dress of Dusk

Dress of Dawn

Dress of Moon

Dress of Solar

Dress of Twilight

Grace Fantasy Dress - It's sleeveless.

Premium Noble Dress - Theirs dark purple colouring at the top, sleeves, and bottom half of the skirt. The rest of is grey. It has puffy sleeves. Their is a

Dreamy Elegant Dress

Top of Wind

Top of Water -

Top of Fire

Top of Earth - a green midriff-bearing top with lime green lining on the sleeves. The top has a extra cloth.

Boots of Time - the high-heeled navy blue boots have gold cuffs at the top and toe.

Boots of Space - a pair of black boots that's folded at the top. The bottom and heels is red. Their is a gold star on them. Theirs also designs of planets on them.


Prenium Rose Skirt - a blue pleated skirt with roses ornaments hanging from it and rose prints on it.

Purity Stardust Heels

Lovely Heart Heels


Shimmer Arabesque Flats - white satin ballet flats with a sequence angel wings and silver flower ornaments on it. With a small red satin ribbon bow that's bejewelled on it.

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