Episode # Title Song Main Events
01 We're back! All Songs of Serenon + K, MARs, Love&Mix, Callings and Prizzmy

Shuwa Shuwa Baby

The girls do a Prism Concert of Pretty Top and PURETTY comes back from Korea.
All Prism Stars of Pretty Top participate in a Prism Concert Agency. When this is completed, the members of PURETTY come suddenly on the stage! You are back from Korea. Shortly before the members of Prizzmy over the past year to talk. The girls talk about the Greatful Symphonia, the MARs has prevented even with their participation in the Prism Queen Cup and the strange incident that esi TEETH not true to make a Prism Jump. After the prism show the members of PURETTY and Prizzmy meet in the park, where it is already dark. Mia says, in the stars watching a bridge and the other give their right. Some stars seem to form a bridge. For a while the girls are wondering about, but forget it quickly, as they come back to ascribe their experiences.
02 Who is Nozomi?! Because I am PURETTY and Prizzm do a City Trip. Nozomi makes her debut
The next day, the girls meet at the prism ring at the mall. There they see an unknown girl that thoughtfully passes over the ice. As Hye In want her to ask what was wrong, she does not answer. The girl ignored the Prism Stars only and leaves the ice. Later, at a prism show MARs see the girl again. However, it disappears during the show. After the show of MARs, the crowd distributed again and the girl enters the ice. No one except the members of Prizzmy and PURETTY is more at the ring. Suddenly music starts playing and the girl begins to dance. The girls are excited and want to talk to her, but she disappears.

On later they see the girl together with MARs in a training room from Pretty Top, speaking with MARs. The girls come in and ask, who she is. The girl introduces herself as Nozomi. The girl introduces herself as Nozomi and says that Prizzmy and PURETTY should leave them in peace. Aira as it thinks it is okay but she also seems to agree. She says that she is here to ask Mars to something. She says that they need their help. Mia wants to help her also and already runs off to the President to tell this.

03 Persuasiveness Switch on my heart The girls try to talk with their presidents that they may go with Nozomi.
04 the Starlight brige Because I Am The girls want to leave Nozomi goal, but they get lost on the way to the meeting point.
05 Happy Naru! New Friends! Dosha Buri Happy
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Just to held the form^^

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