Here is a list of all the episodes of Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream, Loveairaharune's first fanseries.

  Episode Recap Status Official Air Date
Episode 1 - Finding my dream

Amane Miyamoto, 13 years old and a big Prism Show fan, has recently moved to Japan, ready to start the new school year. She longs to achieve her dream, but even getting to Pretty Top isn't easy.

Episode 2- I can't go back! Now accepted into Pretty Top, Amane is eager to start training. But what will she tell her controlling mom? Is her dream ending here? Completed
Episode 3 - Their hidden radiance The practice rooms are all packed, and Amane is forced to go into a room filled with dance students to practice. When she gets there, she can't help noticing that two girls on the side are lacking something... Completed
Episode 4 - Goddess Tiara Cup, START!

The newly formed team, Petal Sparkle , finally show a bit of potential, but after observing their practice, Mion doesn't let them enter for the Goddess Tiara Cup. Will the girls pull through together? Will they manage to get in?

Episode 5 - Songwriting Dilemma Amane, Yumeko, and Sayuri are told that they need to come up with a new song for the competition, and the rest of the team push the responsibility on Amane.  Completed
Episode 6 - Everybody Dance! Amane, Yumeko, and Sayuri, the members of Petal Sparkle, finally are allowed to enter for the Goddess Tiara Cup. The training is harder than it seems though, and the dancing frustrates them all.  Completed
Episode 7 - Bittersweet Practices The girls have to do a new move, the Twirl Catch, to enter the competition, but suddenly, it's hard to find times to practice together. Can they still pull it off?  Completed
Episode 8 - Tears and healing After they lose at the Goddess Tiara Cup due to lack of practice and failing the Twirl Catch, Amane feels depressed and useless, and nobody manages to cheer her up. But sometimes help comes in the most unexpected places... Completed
Episode 9 - Yumeko's fear There's an unexpected school holiday - Therefore the girls are free! Yumeko plans to take her friends all on a trip to the theme park, but is in fact, afraid of roller coasters.... How will the others help her conquer her fears? Completed
Episode 10 - The newcomer's trial Amane finally can't help it, and tells Asuka the truth about her being a Prism Star. Asuka suddenly becomes determined to join, so she goes to Mion for approval. To get into Pretty Top, Asuka is forced to go through many trials. Can she make it? Completed
Episode 11 - Go, Asuka! Reach for the top! Somehow, Asuka still cannot pull off a Prism Jump. Amane is now forced to deal with her conflicting emotions - She wants Asuka to get in, but at the same time, doesn't. Will she lend her friend a helping hand? In progress
Episode 12 - Passion at the pool~  Autumn has come, but there are so many unsold swimsuits! In order to help the store finish selling them, the girls are asked to help out at the Sparkly Swimsuit store - as models! However, Yumeko, Sayuri, and Amane all feel self conscious in a two-piece swimsuit.. TBA
Episode 13 - Horrifiying nightmare of the gym class Swimming in school is over due to the change in season, and now, the eighth grade is forced to play games such as rounders, baseball, and basketball! While it may be Asuka's heaven, it's Amane's hell... TBA
Episode 14 - Notice me, Senpai! It is revealed that tomboyish Yumeko has a crush on a boy in her class... Kin. And, a stroke of good luck for Yumeko - She is assigned to work with him for a school project! Can she manage to get along and leave a good impression of herself? TBA
Episode 15 - The sisters' big fight It's Sayuri's birthday - But she suddenly fell out with her older sister! And now, she has to be constantly on the lookout for pranks and tricks! Can she reconcile and make up with her? Or will her pride get in the way? TBA
Episode 16 - Musical headache Amane's Grade 7 piano exam is coming up - But due to schoolwork, she hasn't been practicing enough. Can she still pull it off? TBA
Episode 17 - A girl's rapidly beating heart  It's their school camp time, and they're going for a week! And in the middle of the week, Amane suddenly realizes that she lost her sketchbook! As she goes to search for it in the middle of the night, a series of events happen.  TBA
Episode 18 - I can't fail It's exam time for the girls, and while Amane seems to be doing well, the others are a different story. Especially Sayuri and Yumeko. Can they manage to get at least passing marks? TBA
Episode 19 - Rivals appear! MiYoRi♪'s debut!

Petal Sparkle are faced with new opponents - Miki Kimura and Matsuoka Yoko! While the rivals may be young, their power is astonishing. How will Petal Sparkle handle them?

Episode 20 - Goddess High Heel Cup, START! The Goddess High Heel cup is right around the corner, and this time, competition is a lot tougher. Both Petal Sparkle and MiYoRi♪ have to get through the first round before they can get into the finals! Can they make it?...
Episode 21 - A stormy New Year's Eve It's the holidays!... but Amane's mom's mood is getting worse and unpredictable. Amane and her brother are banned from hanging out with their friends, and even using any form of technology. However... the two siblings choose to silently rebel. But what will be the price they pay for it?
Episode 22 - These are the Trio Teams?! 

All the girls - Amane, Asuka, Yumeko, Sayuri, Miki, Yoko, and Kaori, are told that for the Goddess High Heel Cup, they are to perform in shuffle teams! Will this lead to new friendships? Or disasters?

Episode 23 - I'll be by your side While Asuka, Yumeko, and Sayuri are still together as a trio, Amane is separated and forced to be with Yoko and Miki, and struggles to get along with the latter. Practicing resulted in failure... Is all hope lost for them?...
Episode 24 - Ehh?! Amane's first date??! After the formation and victory of Crystallizer❤, Amane feels much more happy. And after weeks of texting each other, she receives a message from Hayate - to meet her at the park in person! Is this... a date?!
Episode 25 - Miki's revenge Since Amane joined the team, Crystallizer❤, the Yoko/Miki/Amane trio team was broken, therefore resulting in the two other girls not being able to participate in the Goddess High Heel Cup. Miki is not happy....
Episode 26 - Yoko-chan's feelings After the events of the previous episode, Amane and Yoko form a friendship, and Amane begins to learn more about her. She realizes that Yoko is always bossed around and forced to do Miki's work for her, while she (Miki) gets all the glory. 
Episode 27 - This is friendship Amane decides to show Yoko what friendship truly is, so she brings her along on a girls' day out with Kaori and Misora. 
Episode 28 - Tiara Queenz' is disbanding?! Tiara Queenz, the Asuka/Yumeko/Sayuri trio, is experiencing problems. Without Amane, the group seemed to have lost their passion, and Asuka begins to drift apart from them all, trying to join in with the popular girls at school. 
Episode 29 - Senpai! I love you~ Yumeko asks for Amane, Sayuri, and Asuka's help, to confess to her senpai! Even though Asuka declines, Amane and Sayuri agree to help... can she do it?
Episode 30 - For the sake of myself With Amane's help, Yoko realizes she has to stand up for herself more and not let Miki take advantage of her anymore. But can the shy, timid, her really achieve that?...
Episode 31 - Miki's true feelings After Yoko's confrontation, Miki breaks their friendship, feeling angry and hurt. The others try to comfort her, but Miki ends up throwing a tantrum at them all. Until Amane bluntly goes to confront her... 
Episode 32 - Kaori's decision Due to her high Prism Show scores and ability, Kaori is invited to a stay in Okinawa, where she can train with higher quality equipment and professionals like herself. Although deep in her heart she wants to go, she doesn't want to leave Amane and Misora behind...
Episode 33 - The silvery star of love Hayate invites Amane to go out with him again, but he feels like she isn't being romantic enough. He begins to wonder if she actually likes him more than a friend... or not.
Episode 34 - Asuka's betrayal

Asuka has now totally drifted apart from Yumeko and Sayuri, and without her there, the other two don't have the drive to keep on performing. But just as Amane thinks that she doesn't care... something happens.

Episode 35 - I won't forgive her Asuka begs forgiveness from Amane, but is denied, so she (Asuka) leaves her and goes for the popular girls. Meanwhile, Amane is still feeling hurt and angry, and refuses to forgive Asuka.
Episode 36 - Screen of ice Still feeling down, Amane tries to find someone to talk to. She decides to try her boyfriend, Hayate... but suddenly, he starts ignoring her.
Episode 37 - The Goddess' Departure Misora tells Amane that due to personal reasons, she has to temporarily quit doing Prism Shows. How will Amane cope with that?...
Episode 38 - I'm all alone After drifting apart from all her school friends, Asuka, Yumeko, and Sayuri, Amane feels alone. She begins to dislike getting into groups and socializing. She pretends to forgive Asuka, and Asuka and Amane get on speaking terms again, but their old friendship is gone.
Episode 39 - Forgive me... Kaori, now training all over Japan, has become more and more famous. But behind the top-model smile, she hides many regrets....
Episode 40 - I'm so useless Amane begins to get yelled at a lot more at home, due to spending more and more time online to get rid of her loneliness. She begins to feel useless - Still nothing from Hayate, not being friends with Sayuri and Yumeko and Asuka, even drifting apart from Kaori and Misora. When she tries to perform, she loses all her aura.
Episode 41 - I don't really care anymore Amane goes home after the failed performance, and feels more and more depressed. She can't concentrate in school anymore, and becomes a loner. She loses all her self esteem and confidence.
Episode 42 - Crystal Goddess Cup START! The Crystal Goddess Cup Tournaments are coming up, with the winner of each tournament receiving a certain set of Goddess Coords. The first pair, Miki and Yoko are up, and they'll have to battle against each other for a place in the next round.
Episode 43 - The fallen angel A depressed Amane is still wondering what she should do for the upcoming Crystal Goddess Tournament, or whether she should enter at all, due to the fact that she already lost all her aura. Can she pull herself together and perform?
Episode 44 - Realization Asuka, now a follower of the popular girls at school, has almost abandoned Prism Shows entirely. But is she really happy?...
Episode 45 - Amane vs Asuka Asuka has now realized what she had truly done to Amane after all those years in the past, and how much pain Amane helped her take. Is it too late to ask for forgiveness?
Episode 46 - The sparkling constellation of love

After Amane's final message, saying 'goodbye,' Hayate finally realizes what he's done to her. He needs to reach Amane... before she fades away from him forever.

Episode 47 - Misora's wish Misora's backstory is revealed - She wants to see her long lost love one more time through the light of the Prism Crystalia. But somehow, she can't seem to do it...
Episode 48 - Her last smile It's now the Crystal Goddess Cup Finals, and the remaining 3 standing are Amane, Kaori, and Misora. But Kaori's true objective isn't to win... 
Episode 49 - Drowning in despair Misora becomes harsher and harsher on herself during training, but still cannot pull off the Prism Crystalia. She becomes despaired... what will happen to her jumps now?!
Episode 50 - The Goddess' fate Amane decides to help her friend once and for all - She is going to enter the Prism Show world, and put an end to Misora's despair. Even if it costs her her life....
Episode 51 - I'll always be watching over you Everyone has now lost their memories of Amane. But that doesn't stop them from advancing onwards to their futures.

Arcs (and spoilers) Edit

Arc 1 - Petal Sparkle is formed! Edit

This arc introduces Amane, Yumeko, Sayuri, and at the end, Asuka. It also gives an introduction of Kaori, and a brief one on Misora too.

Arc 2 - Introducing Rivals~ Edit

Miki and Yoko appear, and they become Petal Sparkle's rivals. The secrets behind the Prism Crystalia are beginning to be revealed. This arc ends with the shuffle teams being formed.

Arc 3 - Crystallizer~ Edit

Crystallizer is formed in the middle of this arc, Misora's true abilities are revealed, and the Prism Crystalia is performed for the first time. With Amane's help, Yoko is finally able to stand up for herself more.

Arc 4 - Depression~ Edit

Kaori wins a competition, and gets to fly all over Japan to participate in Prism Show contests, and becomes extremely busy. Asuka betrays Amane by telling her secret. Misora become more secretive and distant, and Crystal Aura's bonds drift apart. Yumeko and Sayuri drift from Amane too. Amane gets yelled at more and more at home. The problems she's always faced get bigger, and her boyfriend, Hayate, cuts off their connections completely. Amane slowly falls into depression.

Arc 5 - To smile again~ Edit

Amane learns about Misora's past, and why Misora is so obsessed with the Prism Cystalia. Despite herself, Amane desperately wants to help Misora fulfill her one and only wish. She realizes that something is missing - Amane realizes that she just can't get the aura.

She learns that she has to smile again, for her audience, for herself. She begins reaching out to lonely people on the internet, and feels mysteriously comforted. She performs a Prism Show for the first time in a while, and she shines with her new found aura.

Hayate explains everything to Amane too, and the two of them make up. Amane reinforces her bonds with Kaori, and the two become close friends once more, alongside Yumeko and Sayuri. She strengthens her friendship with Miki and Yoko too, and finally, forgives Asuka for everything.

After a series of competitions, Amane finally faces up to Misora, and finally fulfills her wish for her - For her long-lost love to come back through Amane's aura. Before she disappears, she smiles, knowing that she's solved everything in her life.

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