Koyuki Megumi
Kanji 小雪 めぐみ
Rōmaji Koyuki Megumi
First Appearance Lets Pretty Rhythm Episode 1
Gender Female
Birthday July 8
Astrological Sign Cancer
Hometown Kizuna
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Deep Pink
Eye Color Blue-Gray
Theme Color Pink
Prism Live Instrument Electric Guitar
Special Skill Playing all types of instruments and singing
Blood Type O
Affiliation Pretty Quartet
Animal Coach Mimi
Romantic Interest Imura Hayato

Furukawa Keiji

Relatives Koyuki Eisuke (father)

Koyuki Naomi (mother) Koyuki Ria (little sister)

Koyuki Megumi (小雪 めぐみ Koyuki Megumi) is the main character of Lets Pretty Rhythm! and she is 14 years old. She has an outgoing personality and is very friendly. She is nicknamed the "Klutz of the Century" due to her clumsy nature. She is trained by Hishimaru Arisa and Hishimaru Yuko how to ice skate so she can become a Prism Star. Her catchphrase is "I will be the next Prism Star!" (私は次のプリズムスターになります! Watashi wa tsugi no Purizumu Sutā ni narimasu!) and her instrument is the electric guitar.

Her voice actor is Megumi Nakajima.


Megumi has deep pink that she usually ties into a high ponytail which is held up by a yellow hair tie and her eyes are blue-gray. She mainly wears a magenta jacket with a white shirt underneath, a two layered dark pink skirt with white frills underneath and magenta knee length boots when she isn't practicing for ice skating or going to school.

When practicing, Megumi wears a magenta of-the-sleeved shirt which has a white heart with Prism Stone written in the middle, a two layered frilly black skirt and white ice skates.

Her main ice skating outfit consists of a...



Image SongsEdit

Prism JumpsEdit


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