Personal Data

Name Kirara Kasugano (春日野きらら; Kasugano Kirara)
Age (Al Star Selection) 14
Birthday unknown
Birthplace Japan
Current Residence Kyoto,Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Capricorn
Character Trait Stays Positive and Happy
Special Skill Sing
Affiliation Dear Princess


Animal Coach Kirari
Theme Color Yellow
Romantic Interest Seiji Hishikawa


Family Members

Jiro Kaugano (Father)

Miya Kasugano (Mother)

Japanese Saori Gotou

Kirara Kasugano (春日野きらら Kasugano Kirara?) Is One of main characters from Pretty Rhythm : All Star Consellation. She is the famous singer of Dear Princess. She is a feminine type, her prism live instrumental is Saxophone. She fall in love with Seiji Hishikawa, Mana's older brother.


Kirara has long, blonde, hair which she wears up in two pigtails held up by light red scrunchies, bows or other hair ornaments, while two, very short, loose pieces of hair hang in front of her ears. Her eyes are of a golden color.


Unlike Inori,She is very cheerful, friendly, and polite, referring to most of her friends with the suffix "-san".

Image SongEdit

Extraordinary! The Door of Courage


Kirara wants to be a prism star because she inspired by Naru. Because his father prism dance champion, at the age of 10 she became famous prism star because of Kirara's sound melodious.

Prism JumpEdit

1) Feminine Splash (Episode 4)

2) Fresh Lemon Basket (Episode 4)


Kasugano (春日野?): Kasu (春?) translates to "spring" and ga (日?) translates to "sun" or "day". Together, as "spring day", they most likely refer to Cure Lemonade's light-based powers and the common association of light and spring days, as well as the light given off by the sun. No (野?) translates to "plain" or "field" and is a common component in Japanese surnames.

Kirara (キララ?) means Shine.

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