Kimura Miki (木村みき) is is one of the main characters in Loveairaharune's first fanseries, Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream. She is 12 years old, and Matsuoka Yoko's teammate, as well as classmate. Despite her young age, she can easily pull off successful Prism Shows.

She is Amane's archenemy.

Kimura Miki
Kanji 木村みき
Rōmaji Kimura Miki
Age 12
Birthday February 20th, 2004
Gender Female
Height 146 cm
Weight 80 lbs
Hair Color Bright Pink
Eye Color Dark Pink
Occupation Prism Star
Image Brand Lovely

Appearance Edit

Miki has long curly bright pink hair, which she ties into two bunches. Her fringe is parted evenly to the side, and is straight. She has round, dark pink eyes, a round face, and a short stature.

Personality Edit

On the surface, Miki comes off as cute, friendly, and bubbly. But on the inside, she isn't as innocent. She's rude, harsh, and easily looks down her nose on others, as well as selfishly taking credit for work she didn't do. She is very bossy and manipulative; She made Yoko do all sorts of things just for the sake of herself.

Background Edit

TBA (No spoilers!)

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