She is one of the characters of Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart. She is a fashionable 14 year old girl that can taste the "flavor" of music, is very passionate in doing Prism Shows, loves making sweets, is the leader of the Prism Show Club in her school. Beside being want to become a Prism Star, she also want to be a pastry chef. Her style is pop.


See also Kikue Tachibana/List of Outfits


She is a refreshing girl who is good at finding diamonds in the rough and is a former model and celebrity, and pushes her way through. She is a ball of passion with a bright and positive personality, she is a cheerful and upbeat girl who will not give in to anyone, her passionate spirit allows her to do the things she wants to do and she would help people when their and because of this, as the girl with the leader-like personality, she can be very persuasive, she also uses this side of her as a class representative in order to get permission from teachers, siding as the ally of justice among the students, she had also known to have had this leader personality for a long time, although being the hero-type character, she may be incorrect at times without realizing and despite being clever, she is revealed to be dense when it comes to love.


Prism ShowEdit

Prism Jumps Edit

Jewel Birthstones - she jumps onto number of Birthstones and they explode into more. (Jewel Birthstones) Each member of audience gets their own birthstone according to the date their born on.


  • Ran Imoto
  • Shiho Fuji
  • Itsuko Ashiya
  • Uta Fuji
  • Midori Aoki
  • Satomi Ueda
  • Eri Nobumoto
  • Yoshimi Watanabe
  • Sumire Kudo
  • Iona Bandō
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  • Shion Kori
  • Kotori Chieko
  • Juri Renno
  • Takami Kakura
  • Lila Misaki
  • Daisy Misaki
  • Masao Gamō
  • Seiji Yamagata
  • Kogoro Suzukawa
  • Arata Funatsu
  • Bunji Hisamoto
  • Daiki Ninomiya
  • Takeshi Maehara
  • Chikara Ogiwara
  • Kenta Coda
  • Satoru Arakawa
  • Gin Hoshimiya
  • Miwako Kobayashi
  • Washichi Hoshino
  • Kenjiro Yoshioka
  • Kikyo Tachibana
  • Benjamin Tachibana
  • Akemi and Goro Tachibana


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