"But why?... Why would anyone do anything for someone like me?... I don't understand..."
Itami Misora (伊丹みそら) is one of the main characters in Loveairaharune's first fanseries, Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream. She is around 15 years old, and also has a strong talent for Prism Shows, like Kaori and Amane.

Itami Misora
Kanji 伊丹みそら
Rōmaji Itami Misora
Age 15
Birthday August 17th
Gender Female
Height 161 cm
Weight 105 pounds
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Dark Green
Occupation Prism Star
Image Brand Mystical

Appearance Edit

Misora has long, straight, somewhat messy dark blue hair flowing down her back, with a center parting. A small section of it is done up into a bun. Her eyes are a dark blueish green colour. She has a slightly tall and skinny build compared to the other main characters.

Personality Edit

Misora has a very reserved personality; She doesn't seem to talk much, and only appears in the shadows. She and Amane understand each other, because they are somewhat alike - Different from others. She can come off as cold because she doesn't speak much but she really cares for Amane, and gives her silent encouragement from the side.

Background Edit

Misora was born into an ordinary happy family, and she lived happy for the first 4 years of her life. However, one day, her parents suddenly disappeared. It was later revealed that her father tried to run away from debt, and her mom killed herself because she couldn't stand the pressure. Soon after, her father also committed suicide.

Misora was left abandoned for the next 5 years. She fended for herself on the streets, and her heart had totally hardened. She believed that nobody would care about her anymore, and decided not to trust anybody. One day, a policeman found her begging on the streets, and she got taken into an orphanage. There, Misora had shelter, food, and clothing, but she wasn't happy. There was nobody she felt who truly loved her. She wanted to commit suicide several times, but she could never go through with it.

And one day, she met a boy called Lino Masakii on the beach. The two became friends, and Misora felt like she had gained everything she had been deprived of: Friendship, care, love. Soon, those two became boyfriend and girlfriend, and Misora's life was perfect for a while.

One day, when she was 13, she discovered Prism Shows. Misora loved them, but Masaki didn't approve. He kept trying to do things to stop her, and she finally got fed up, and kept trying to run away from him. Coincidentally, an old woman was willing to adopt her, and without thinking, Misora accepted the offer, only thinking that she could finally do Prism Shows in peace once she had moved away from Masaki. Masaki, finding out the truth, was devastated, and begged her to stay, but Misora refused. She said that the Prism Show was the only thing she loved, and she would place that above everything. Misora coldly said goodbye, and that was the last time she ever saw him.

However, Misora always felt empty after she left him.

To be continued

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