She is one of the main character of Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart. Beside being want to become a Prism Star, she also want to be a TV show host. Her style is sexy.


See also Iona Bandō/List of Outfits


She is usually very elegant and reserved but when it comes to competition, she gets fired up. She seems like a very kind and gentle person, but in fact, she cannot forgive things that are wrong and will never let anything she thinks is right get messed up and she will fix it immediately. She has a good head on her shoulders. She's a straight-A student. She hates anything pointless in the path to perfection. She is quite the perfectionist who gives her all in everything and says that practising is the only way to become the best. She detests anything that is unfair and above-board, and her stubbornness regarding this has led to more than a few conflicts with those around her. Sometimes she is harsh with words, but only speaks this way because she believes in her teammates.


Prism ShowEdit

Prism JumpsEdit

Single JumpsEdit

Heart Flash - she forms a heart with her hands and hearts come out. She than jumps on one and rides while making her hands into a heart. Than she did the same for another heart, than another, than another and same for the rest. She is laughing the entire time.

Sakura Arrow - she draws a cherry blossom and moves to the middle of it, angel wings and a white bow appears in her hand, she spins a few times, shoots an arrow at a big Sakura that is in front of her, breaking it, and dozens of Sakura came out. Saying the jumps name. She shots again only this time the Sakuras turn into sparkles.


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