Infinity is a team in Pretty Rhythm Universe Fantasia that is composed by:

  1. Miyuki Katsuko
  2. Waon Hibiki
  3. Azami Kei

Their debut song is EZ do Dance

Their Signature Prism Jump is Infinity from the universe and their signature prism act is Infinity Angel Debut


Miyuki KatsukoEdit

Miyuki Katsuko is the leader of Infinity, she gain the title of “The genius of prism jumps” because she can upgrade every jump in an artistic way. She is trying to perform a unique and a legendary prism act or jump to her mother remembers her, her mother have a strange disease and loses her memories sometimes but she always remembers the prism shows and to prevent her mother to forget her she decides to become a supreme prism star. In the start she didn’t enjoy the prism shows because she is only have in mind his mother but later she learns to enjoy every perform. She is cold don't have so much expression with the others, but is a kind person and always gives advices to other starts. Her style is star, her signature prism jump is Angel tamago reborn and her signature prism act is Universe Fantasia.

Waon HibikiEdit

Waon Hibiki is a member of Infinity, she is a sport girl who loves games, she enter in the contest to enter in the team of Miyuki after see her show on TV. She is a spirited and energetic person. She always tries to understand Miyuki feelings. Her style is pop, her signature prism jump is smashing chasing love and her signature prism act is Big Saving City.

Azami KeiEdit

Azami Hoshina is member of Infinity, her mother is a famous painter and an art collector, she love painting but she fallen in love with prism shows when she see Miyuki prism shows. Her style is feminine, her signature prism jump is Paint Masterpiece Shower and her signature prism act is Da vinvi Canvas, I love you.

Prism JumpEdit


  1. Infinity from universe

Miyuki KatsukoEdit

  1. Angel Tamago Reborn
  2. Diamond Spiral
  3. Word Message
  4. Aurora Rising Fantasy
  5. Road to symphonia perfect

Waon HibikiEdit

Azami KeiEdit

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