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Hoshijima Karen
Kanji ほしじま かれん
Rōmaji Hoshijima Karen
Age Fifteen
Birthday May Fourteenth
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Purple
Eye Color Mint Green
Blood Type O
Affiliation Prism Stone
Occupation Prism Star
Team Dream Flower
Partner Pollux
Relatives Hoshijima Yukito (older brother)
Image Brand Surprise
Image Song Miracle Lumiere
Japanese Ayane Sakura
 Hoshijima Karen is one of the protagonists of Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Fantasia. Her fashion element is Surprise and her theme color is black. Though it's usually mistaken for dark pink.


Karen has dark purple hair that goes just past her shoulders. It curls at the ends. Her eyes are mint green.


Karen is nervous by nature, and it was almost impossible for Ibara to break out of her this state. She shows traits of being stubborn, honest caring and loyal.



Prism JumpsEdit

  • Golden Star Illusion


Hoshijima means star island while Karen means lovely.


  • She is the first Surprise type prism star.

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