Hiruto Ageha is the father of Natsuko Ageha in the fanfiction, Seasons by lucygh12 on Wattpad.

Hiruto Ageha

Hiruto in his formal outfit

Appearance Edit

Hiruto is a well, built man with black hair and black eyes who wears glasses. He is a former prism star, currently residing in New York. He works as an actor, currently.

He usually wears a suit when meeting others, but otherwise he wears casuals.

Personality Edit

Natsuko has always said that her father is one of the kindest person she has ever known. He always helps everyone in need.

But there is also a hidden part to his personality, a darker part to him. It takes over whenever someone tries to hurt Natsuko.

History Edit

Not much is known about Hiruto's past, except for the fact he divorced his wife Misaki after her accident and gave Natsuko's custody to her.

Prism Jumps Edit

Hiruto was regarded as one of the best prism stars of his time. He was the only prism star who could three jumps, a big deal at that time. He retired after Natsuko's birth. His Prism jumps were:

Hiruto Ageha-0

Hiruto as a prism star

  • Eternal Splash
  • Prism Paradise
  • Cool King

Quotes Edit

(To everybody, about Natsuko) "Natsuko is my favorite person in the world. So...if anyone of you hurts her, you will have me to face."

(To Misaki) " protected my daughter. Thanks for that."

(To young Natsuko) "Your mother and I, we can't resolve our differences anymore. That's why I have to leave you. But I promise I will come see you every week."

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