Hearts of Stars is a legendary Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm: Hearts of Stars.


The Hearts of Stars Prism Jump, is a legendary Prism Jump, that needs at least two Prism Stars. The jump needs two Prism Stars who have a very close bond with each other, or the they will fail the jump. The two Prism Stars have to be passionate and love being Prism Stars and are true to themselves. If the Prism Stars fail to perform the Hearts of Stars, the two will choose who will be the one who will lose all past memories of her partner during the jump, while the other will be trapped in the Prism World, until her partner remembers who she really is.

Prism Heart CoordEdit

The Prism Heart coord is required to perform the Hearts of Stars jump.

Prism Heart CrownEdit

Prism Heart DressEdit

Prism Heart HeelsEdit

Known Able To Do The JumpEdit



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