Its a legendary Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart.

If the performers fails to perform the true version of the jump they can lose his/her heart, the ability to do Prism Shows, memories and dreams so if someone perform the true version of it than the former Prism Star who perform it will have their heart, the ability to do Prism Shows, memories and dreams restored.

Description Edit

What happens during the Jump Edit

Anyone who watches it will feel that they can do anything that they put they put their mind to. The performer will see people who are important to them and their most precious moments in their heart.

Variations Edit

Heartful Luminous Blitz Edit

Everyone who sees it will see their loved ones in it.

Requirements Edit

  • a strong resolve
  • a pure heart
  • a dress or top from the Luminous Series
  • a pair of boots or shoes from the Luminous Series
  • the performer must genuinely love Prism Show
  • Training
  • a strong desire
  • a strong courage
  • The performer is very determined
  • like Grateful Symphonia this jump has 3 stages: Heartlight Shine -> Sparkling Heart-> Heartful Luminous. Also one must pass the first 2 stages in order to reach the final stage and to perform this jump special items are needed.

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