Harumi Nakamura is the member of the unit Seasons, along with Natsuko Ageha and Yuki Nohara.

Harumi Nakamura
Kanji はるみ中村
Rōmaji Harumi Nakamura
First Appearance Chapter 2, Seasons( yet-to-be-published)
Gender Female
Birthday May 9
Astrological Sign Taurus
Hometown Tokyo
Current Residence Akihabara
Hair Color Grayish-brown
Eye Color Amber
Theme Color Brown, Green
Fashion Element Spring, Ethnice
Prism Live Instrument Bass
Special Skill Drawing
Blood Type AB +
Affiliation Seasons
Animal Coach Haru
Romantic Interest None
Relatives Not known

Appearance Edit

Harumi is a young girl, withgrayish-brown hair, normally styled in a way where part of her hair is styled in a small chignon bun, and she has amber eyes. Her Seventh Coord evolution is the Platinum Coord.

Harumi Nakamura

Harumi's Platinum Coord

Personality Edit

Harumi shown to be very kind to her friends, and does genuinely care about them, especially about their feelings.

She is also shown as the most indecisive person among the members of Seasons and tends to have Yuki and Natsuko make decisions for her. She also has a hard time expressing her feelings, since she always takes other people's feelings into consideration.

Songs Edit

Harumi has two solo songs, two trio songs and one duo song

Solo Songs Edit

  1. Shall We Go?
  2. Don't Give Up!

Trio Songs Edit

  1. You May Dream
  2. Hop! Step!! Jump!!!

Duo Song (With Yuki Nohara) Edit

  1. Never Let Me Down

Jumps Edit

Harumi has nine jumps in total, two of which she performs at Over The Rainbow Session.

  1. Spring Splash
  2. Fairy Dance
  3. Smile-Smile Heart Dive
  4. Rainbow Hurricane
  5. Throbbing Memory Leaf
  6. Poppin' Candy Rockets
  7. Prism Rainbow Hurricane
  8. Shining Diamond Dust-Burning!
  9. Galactic Galaxy Shower

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