Role in the Plot Edit

Haruhi is a fun and exciting girl who loves to pretty remake. Her sister Amaya, have considered each other rivals, but get along perfectly. Amaya and Haruhi have an older brother, Jake, woh actually left the Hashimoto family after becoming a gangster. Haruhi had always thought her brother was doing something wrong, so she followed him in secret until he found out where he went. When he found out she was watching him, she forced her to join the gangters until the fact spread about she was part of the gang, because if she didn't, he would kill her. Haruhi ran away to Prism Show World Academy, where they gladly accepted her after she explained her story. Headmistress Aira put her in the same room with Erina Matsumoto

Now Haruhi has rised up higher than a lot of people, to even become second place, the first place belonging to Asuka. Haruhi also has never challenged her before. Haruhi, told her brother that she will also join his gang but will also belong to the academy she left.

Practice clothes

Songs Edit

  • Call me a princess
  • If you can dream

Aladdin- Clothing Edit

Haruhi dresses like a jasmin from disney's aladdin, when she does the prism shows

Prism Jumps Edit

  • Clover Shower Duo with Chris
  • Aurora Trail
  • Sacred Swan secret with Erina
Audition clothes
Prism show

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