Hamasaki Asuka is one of the main characters of Loveairaharune's first fanseries, Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream.. She loves acting and performing, as well as dancing and singing.

Hamasaki Asuka
Kanji 浜崎明日香
Rōmaji Hamasaki Asuka
Age 13-14
Birthday June 19 2002
Gender Female
Height 155 cm (5'1)
Weight 46 kg (101 pounds)
Hair Color Goldish Blonde
Eye Color Deep Blue
Image Brand Pop + Lovely
Image Song Change
Anime Debut Episode 1

Appearance Edit

Asuka has long, straight, goldish blonde hair, which is styled into a side fringe clipped with blue star clips. She has a long ponytail slung over her left shoulder. Her round eyes are a deep blue colour.

Personality Edit

Asuka is very quiet, much like her friend, Miyamoto Amane. Asuka can be very timid, as shown when she leaves Amane after hurting her to evade responsibility. Even though deep inside, she cares deeply about her friends, she can be very insensitive to people's feelings.

Asuka loves acting cute, often saying "Kawaii!" randomly. Amane was the one who told her about Prism Shows, and she started liking them after Amane talked about it so much. But she never had the same passion as her friend. She is much more Happy-go-lucky than Amane is though.

Background Edit

Asuka has also lived most of her childhood in China. When she was 10, Amane told her all about Prism shows, and they formed a special secret about it.

Asuka and Amane's fathers work at banks which are related, so when Amane's family moved to Japan, Asuka's did too. They were even lucky enough to get into the same school.

Role in the plot Edit

In Episode 10, finally, Amane told her all about getting into Pretty Top and pulling off a prism jump. Asuka can't help feeling a bit jealous, and is determined to be on the same level. When Amane and Asuka perform together, Asuka realizes that she has made a huge mistake - She can dance and skate, but doesn't know the song. She tries pulling off a Prism jump, but fails. Seeing her friend shine made her more desperate, and she tried again, but almost fell this time. Amane, feeling that it is her duty as a friend, grabs Asuka's hand, and pulls her into her own jump, amazing the audience.

Asuka later learns what the Prism Show is all about - showcasing your heart's aura, making it shine. She later manages to pull off a Prism Jump, and is accepted into Pretty Top. Amane is happy for her on the surface, but has uneasy feelings...

Nonetheless, Asuka joins Petal Sparkle and the group performs as a foursome.

Trivia Edit

  • Asuka prefers Prism Stone to Dear Crown.
  • Asuka used to be chubby, until she started going on a diet in middle school.
  • Her fastest 50m freestyle time is 30 seconds.

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