Fujioka Emiko (藤岡えみこ) is one of the characters in Loveairaharune's first fanseries, Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream. She is actually the Prism Goddess.

Fujioka Emiko
Kanji 藤岡えみこ
Rōmaji Fujioka Emiko
Age 15
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Height 161 cm
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Pale olive green
Eye Color Yellowish Brown
Occupation Prism Goddess

Appearance Edit

Emiko has long, wavy pale olive green hair which flows down to her waist, and has a neat, wavy fringe. She has small round yellowish brown eyes.

Personality Edit

As the Prism Goddess, Emiko has a very regal air, appearing as wise and powerful. Normally, she can't speak to humans as herself (Emiko), but as the Prism Goddess. Only those who perform a Prism Crystalia to a certain level will be able to see Emiko as herself, and once the show is over, Emiko disappears.

As herself, she has a very quiet, thoughtful nature. She doesn't show much emotion or compassion about anything, but it is shown that she really does care about the Prism Stars.

Background Edit

Emiko was living as a human around a century ago. She started off as just an ordinary 13 year old girl, with no real purpose in life. She had never experienced happiness, sadness, anger, or any emotions, she just lived and existed. As soon as she tried ice skating, she felt a kind of freedom, and for the first time felt emotions and happiness. She felt herself glow, and twirled upwards, doing the first ever Prism Jump.

Throughout her Prism Shows, she was able to create a whole new world of things, like the Prism Act and Prism Live, the Prism Stones, and the Prism World too. She created all the mascots, all the Prism World messengers.

She performed Prism Shows for 2 years, and when she was 15, everything changed.

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