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Role in Plot Edit

Erina is a happy and kind girl, but is very serious when it comes to idol work. She stays at Prism Show World Academy's dorms like all of the students and has a normal idol life, except she's the top idol. Currently, she, Asuka, Maria, and Maron are in Japan for their idol unit. They are all in same school of


Erina in Regular clothes

Songs Edit

Erina in the prism show wears clothing line of Alice and the wonderland. In the prism show, her songs are cheery and fun.

  • Official 'Alice (Underground)
  • Hey Alice

Clothes Edit

Erin always wears clothes that are more like maid like or gothic party dress during the prism shows

Erina enters school with this uniform

Erina's uniform

Erina 1st jumps

Erina's 1st song

Jumps Edit

  • Spade Flash  
  • Heart Flash
  • Clover Shower

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