She is one of the characters of Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart. Beside being want to become a Prism Star, she also want to be a author. Her style is lovely.


See also Eri Nobumoto/List of Outfits


She is very spaced-out and slow-tempo 13 year old girl, she is like the all-noticing, thoughtful big sister role of her team, usually, she is very kind and docile, but is extremely scary when angered. She is a natural airhead and is quite clumsy, she is a sweet and honest girl.


Prism ShowEdit

Prism JumpsEdit

Single JumpsEdit

Wonderful Concerto - she leaped into the air while spinning, after doing a beginning Axel position, and soon, musical instruments, such as a cello, a trumpet, and trombone, a piano, and a clarinet surrounded her as the music notes and staff were playing and she ended up kicking her leg back, raising her arms, and spinning slowly to the music as she soon said, "Wonderful Concerto!"


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