Dark Queen

Dark Queen

Personal Data

Name (Dark Queen ダーク女王; Daku Joo)
Age (All Star Constellation) 1000+
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Axia Box
Current Residence Tokyo,Japan (Temporary)
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Unknown
Special Skill Memory Control


Animal Coach None
Prism Live Instrument Baton
Theme Color Black
Fashion Element Dark
Romantic Interest Makoto Kamishiro
Anime Debut (All Star Constellation)

Episode ?


Family Members

Inori Hoshimiya (Her Good From)

Japanese Rumi Shishido
Dark Queen Gallery

Dark Queen (ダーク女王 Daku Joo?) is the temporary main antagonis from Pretty Rhythm : All Star Consellation. She is actually Inori Hoshimiya true from before she brandwashed by Makoto Kamishiro's grandfather and bevome good people aka Inori.


She has long, whitish pink hair with a white flower pin on the side. She has orange/red eyes.

she wears a white uniform and a pink winter coat,in reincarnated form she wears a black dress with a cut down the middle and a violet skirt. Her hair is parted in the middle and the front strands of her hair are tied.


she is shown to be very sadistic and She also seems to still be in love with Makoto Kamishiro.

Prism JumpEdit

1)Dark Splash

2)Darkness Spiral

3)Darkness Possion

4)Evil Kiss

5) Dark Aurora Rising

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