Cho Hikaru have a kind and sweet personality, they said she acts like a really lady, she cares a deep love and caring for her little sister, but she can be too a overprotective big sister feeling and sometimes that feeling turns her in a scary person.


Cho Hikaru always have a normal childhood, she was very popular because her lady posture and her beauty, her parents divorce when she have 5 years old. When she know that she have a sister she formed a bond with her want to protect her forever.

She was never interested in prism shows, but when she learns about Angie condition (that she is a half human and a half prism messenger) she knows that she have the possibility to loose her most important person that's why she enters in Edel Rose to learn all about prism shows and find a solution. In that middle time her parents married again and she become a top prism star.

Role in PlotEdit

In the first act she is the top idol of Edel Rose, she considers Lapiz her best friend, she watch's prism shows and appears in a lots of dramas, magazines, prismhows and tv.

In the second act she tries to get Angie not involved more in prism shows telling her that is dangerous for her. She makes villain for everyone in prism stone to protect hrr sister and prevent her father to reveal his big secret.

In the third act she is trying to get along with her sister, and not wish Angie to become a prism messenger.

Prism ShowEdit

Prism JumpsEdit

Solo JumpsEdit

Duo JumpsEdit

Trio JumpsEdit


  • She is the top idol of Edel Rose
  • Her most important persons are Angie and Lapiz.
  • She like tea and strawberry cakes.
  • Her name Cho means butterfly, almost of her prism jumps have butterflies.

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