Axia Box (アクシアボックス Akushia Bokkusu) is a box that kept the Algol sealed away. The box was kept within the Celestial World until someone opened it, releasing the Algol, and Inori Hoshimiya. while Celestial Spirit fell to the Japan, and they need Prism Star to make their back to life as a Celestial Spirit.


Axia box open

A long time ago, Makoto's Grandfather sealed all of the Algol along with Inori (Dark Queen the true form of Inori). It was then passed down to the Celestial World and kept within its World until Inori's adoptive father opened the box and released the evils trapped inside. to defeat Algol them should do Prism Constellation together and must return Algol back to Axia Box.


  • Axia is similar to the legendary Pandora's Box, which contained all of the evils within the universe until someone opened the box and released it.
  • Axia Box very similiar with Axia from happiness charge precure!

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