Personality Edit

Asuka Yukikawa is the main protagonist in the series of Pretty Rhythm Fairytale Dream.

Asuka is more of a serious and clumsy at the same time. But throughout the series she is very loyal and friendly to her parents and her friends, Asuka helps her team to design her clothes.

Famous quotes:

Wake up my heart and dance in the light of God, who is a God of truth and cannot lie.

Asuka Yukikawa
Kanji アスカ藤川
Rōmaji アスカ藤川
First Appearance Pretty Rhythm Fairytale Dream
Profile Cute and Smart
Gender Female
Birthday February 12 2008
Astrological Sign Aquarius
Hometown Japan,Tokyo
Current Residence Mumbai,India
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Theme Color Royal Blue and Golden
Fashion Element Princess and Cute
Prism Live Instrument Piano
Special Skill Hears the sound of her clothes
Blood Type B
Affiliation MARs

Princess Tropical

Animal Coach Pandachii
Romantic Interest Shouji Nakamura
Relatives Erina Yukikawa


Aoi Yukikawa (Father)

Ichigo Yukikawa (Sister)

Role in the plot Edit

Asuka currently lives in Mumbai,India because of her dad's job (Aoi Yukikawa)

Pretty rhythm Fairytale Dream Edit

In this series Asuka has a mysterious dream of this boy who is very young and handsome, who guides her to evil queen and to find her real biological parents.

Relationship Edit

Erina Yukikawa (mother)- Asuka mother who adopted when she was 4 years old. Erina was once called Fairytale goddess but one day she was not able to be called the goddess anymore because her rival cheated in order to win and take revenge on her. Erina told Asuka, that she was adopted by the 2 prism stars teachers teaching at the prism show world academy. Erina had a dream that one of her daughter would be a prism star one day and she would be able to join again to be a prism star.

Aoi Yukikawa(Father)- Aoi is very kind and protective about Asuka, when it comes to school and life, Aoi has been busy with his company so he hardly come home to visit his family.

Ichigo Yukikawa(Sister)- ichigo is shown as she is very smart and intellegent when it comes to famous prism stars. Ichigo is 2 years younger then Asuka, Ichigo is in middle school section of Prism Show World Academy.

Image song Edit

Asuka Yukikawa

Asuka's debut album

Trivia Edit

  • Plays Piano every since she was 4
  • Loves to wear gowns
  • Hopes her prince will find her soon.
  • born in a mansion but raised in small house

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