Arisu Harune is Aira Harune and Sho's daughter. She is also the main protagonist of the fan series Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Generation. Arisu is lively, bubbly and cheerful. She usually looks on the bright side of things.

"Don't give up because dreams will come true"

Arisu Harune

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Personal Data


Arisu Harune (春音アリス; Harune Arisu)

Age (Dear my future Generation) 14
Age (Phoenix Wish) 16
Birthday September 3, 2008
Birthplace Yokohama, Japan
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan
Blood Type O
Astrological Sign Virgo
Character Trait Kind, Caring
Special Skill Designing, hearing the "voice" of clothes (Fashion)
Affiliation Airimi


Animal Coach Kira
Romantic Interest



Theme Color Pink
Anime Debut (Aurora Dream Generation) Episode 1
Anime Debut (Phoenix Wish) Episode 1


Family Members

Shou (Father) & Aira Harune (Mother)
Hiroshi Harune (Grandfather) & Omi Harune (Grandmother)
Itsuki Harune (Uncle)
Eru Harune & Uru Harune & Mikuru Harune And Reina Miyama (Aunt)
Rikka Harune (Cousin)

Mikuru Harune


Dream Seiyuu
Japanese Nana Mizuki
Arisu Gallery


Arisu has a hairstyle which is like the anime character "Mitsuki Koyama". Arisu has been said by many people that she looks a lot like her mother Aira Harune, the famous prism star. She got the same personality from Aira, which is clumy,graceful, kind. She loves to hangout with her friends a lot.

Role in the PlotEdit

After the few years in the series of aurora dream, Aira Harune seems to be pregnant with Arisu. Arisu is the youngest sibling in her family. During the series of dear my future, Arisu turns 14 years old. She tells her parents that she wants to join the prism show.

Pretty Rhythm Phoenix WishEdit

Arisu has the dream to be like her parents when she grows up and becomes teenager and makes friends of her own. Pretty Rhythm Phoenix Wish


Aira Harune (Mother) - Famous prism star, grouped with Mion Takamine and Rizumu Amamiya.Who did legendary prism jump that president could not do. Wife of Shou. Aira encourages Arisu throughout the series to believe in herself.

Shou Harune(Father)- Famous designer of prism stone. Grouped with Hibiki Toudou and Wataru. When in the series Arisu is interviewed for her type of love interest, Shou comes up to the host and says that he wants someone who is not mean and rude to her daughter.

Itsuki Harune(Uncle): Ever since Arisu was a baby, Itsuki always treated Arisu as real daughter and whenever Aira and shou go out, they always leave Arisu with Reina and Itsuki.

Reina Miyama(Harune)-(Aunty): Wife of Itsuki. In group called Prizmmy.

Uru and Eru Harune(Aunty)- twin sister of Aira Harune. Also the clothes designer for Aira. Uru and Eru always give new prism stone when there is new prism show events.

Daisuki Hoshimiya(crush/Boyfriend)- Catches Arisu in the series of phoenix wish. Arisu has crush on Daisuki. Both Daisuki and Arisu become lovers in middle of series when her rival Sonota Kiriya confess her love to Daisuki, Arisu hearing their conversation behing the door, Daisuki rejects Sonata and says he likes Arisu.

Image SongsEdit

Base 50 yahooo usagi chan by motorolal

Arisu First Song cover


  • Arisu has been called angel and princess
  • Her brand is Sexy Rose, Type is Cute and Sexy
  • Her first song was composed in Phoenix Wish

Arisu"s clothes Edit

Dashing griffon coord by yuzuki hime sama-d8npa8l

Arisu's adventure coord