Casual OutfitsEdit

Lovely Edit

  • Cute Floral Star Coord

Pop Edit

  • Star Sportive Sparkle Coord

Cool Edit

  • Modern Beauty Coord

Feminine Edit

  • Delicate Orchid Coord

Sexy Edit

  • Beauty Bixux Coord
  • Nocturne Rose Coord

Exotic Edit

  • Madras Fruit Coord

Star Edit

  • Dreamy Star Coord
  • Diamond Metamorphose Coord

Seventh Coord Edit

  • Star Seventh Coord (Normal > Brilliant > Platinum)
  • Star Opera Seventh Coord

Prism Show OutfitsEdit

  • Shinning Sparkle Coord - 1º Apresentation Coord
  • Human Desire Coord
  • Prism Sparkle Road Coord - Prism Road Coord
  • Miraculous Human Messenger Coord
  • Ribbon Cups Coord
  • Infinity Neon Coord
  • White Ageha Wing Coord


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