Angie Hikaru is one of the main characters of Pretty Rhythm Prism Start!, she acts like a trainer in the prism stone. Her father is a Human and her mother is a Prism World Messenger.


See also: Angie Hikaru/List of Outfits

In her normal form she have Ruby eyes and a long and sandy-blonde hair. She uses a Wing hairclip.


She have a energetic and cheerful personality, she loves prism shows and all relation with it. She is searching the prism sparkle. She is loyal and likes so much her friends.

She tends to keep the bad memories and things in her heart.


Role in PlotEdit

Pretty Rhythm Prism Start! Edit

In the first arc she appears to be talking with Peacock about the new prism stone shop and later she appears to train the managers.

In the second arc she discovers that her mother is a prism messenger that makes her confuse and furious because she believe that she is a 100%human, she lost herself and goes for a little time with the real queen company. Later she comes back and decides to become a really prism star with her best friends.

In the last arc, she is confuse to become a prism messenger or still live as a human. At the end she can be both.

Pretty Rhythm Princess Remake Edit

In Princess Remake she is Noemi and wants to discover the new prism princess.

Prism ShowEdit

Prism JumpsEdit

Solo JumpsEdit

  • Star Splash
  • Exciting Grooving Beat
  • Midnight Sleeping Beauty
  • Sparkling Future Star
  • 100% Pure Pure Arrow
  • Diamond Spiral
  • Flapping! Rainbow Tail!!
  • Common!Open the genie Lamp
  • Tobidatsu no Lunar Rainbow Heaven
  • Prism Sparkle
  • Dream Kaleidoscope
  • Bloom,Bloom,Blooming Flowers of Love
  • Awakening Flower Waltz
  • Throbbing Memory Leaf

Duo JumpsEdit

Trio JumpsEdit

  • Welcome Prism World
  • Forever This Prism Road


  • She is half human and a half prism messenger.
  • She have the ability to see the prism sparkle and the prism aura of people.
  • Some fans believe that her mother is Rinne.
  • In the end of the series she goes to another world and her colors of her eyes and hair changes to the prism messenger colors.
  • Sometimes she starts to sing the song "Gift" that is Rinne Image song,she don't know how she know this song but she said that is a song that she like a lot.

Gallery Edit


Angie Hikaru Sketch

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