Akari Amou is the famous prism star in Pretty Rhythm Fairytale Dream. Akari is the daughter of famous star June Amou. Akari in the series shows up in episode 9, showing that she is doing a prism show in the beginning of the show and how she is very confident with her jumps and her song. Akari and Asuka become friends when they both challenge Miyuki Fujimoto and Sophie Suzuki to a contest.

Akari Amou in her fairytale dress

Akari Amou in her fairytale dress

Role in the plot Edit

Akari is very innocent and smart girl. She always tries her best to support her friends and family when there is a problem. Atari may be shy, but she always helps her friend to be positive. In the series Akari shows up as her sitting in the desk. She is currently in her Sophomore year in Prism Show World Academy. Not everyone in life was like her. Akari was bullied when she was little and she never knew what do do with her life after a girl around came to save her saying that "you can do it, you can defeat the girls in your prism show and show them what you are made of."

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