Akamine Tali (赤嶺タリ) is one of the main characters of Loveairaharune's second fanseries, Pretty Rhythm: Broken Wings. She appears to be an enemy and Lisa's rival.

Akamine Tali
Kanji 赤嶺タリ
Rōmaji Akamine Tali
Age 16-17
Birthday October 3rd
Gender Female
Height 170 cm (5'7)
Weight 57 kg (125 lbs)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type Unknown
Occupation Prism Star
Image Brand Sexy
Image Song Magia

Appearance Edit

Tali is a tall slender girl who stands at 170 cm, the same height as Lisa. She has long, wavy red hair which she likes to let down, and one side of her hair braided and wounded round her head. She has sharp, dark brown eyes which she usually coats in a thick layer of mascara.

According to Hanae, she is the only one who rivals Lisa in terms of skill and beauty.

Personality Edit

Tali is shown to be very rebellious and daring - She doesn't seem to worry about her attacks at all, and is shown to be very handy with weapons. Her Prism Show ability is also astounding, as she can effortlessly pull off a Prism Jump, Prism Act, Prism Live, even a Prism Crystalia.

Tali has a very sarcastic personality, which not everybody likes. In fact, people are naturally scared of her.

History Edit

Pretty Rhythm: Tali no Monogatari Edit

Tali was born in another world, different to Amane's. One day, war broke out, and her whole world was plunged into chaos.

More to be added as the story progresses

Pretty Rhythm: Amane no Monogatari Edit


Pretty Rhythm: Broken Wings Edit


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